#animationMonday challenge. Week 2. A Walk Cycle

week2_v2Happy Monday everyone. After an amazing weekend in Barcelona I came back to London ready for the week ahead.

On the video today I want to show how a walk cycle looks like. Cycles are very important because you can check This one is a bit rough and needs lots of improvement.

Today is also Bring Your Own Animation (BYOA) day. This means that a bunch of animators will meet in a pub in central London and they will have feedback from animation experts. It always amazes me that they are kind enough to spend a few minutes looking at shots and giving you advice on how to improve it. Without asking anything ireturn. I love going to BYOA. You can talk to other animators, get feedback on your shots and is always fun to be around like minded people. As Sir Ken Robinson says on his book The Element: find your tribe. It really helps keep you motivated 🙂

Have a wonderful week cupcakes.


2 thoughts on “#animationMonday challenge. Week 2. A Walk Cycle

  1. I find very useful this challenge, pushes you up to post animations and improve your skills.
    I know it’s a LOT of work to make and animation each week, congratulations sister !😉

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