#animationMonday challenge · Animation

#animationMonday challenge. Week 5. Lipsync.


Happy Monday snowflakes. Winter has definitely arrived and London has been filled with long coats, cozy knitted hats and shiny gloves. Today I want to share with you a lip sync clip I started ages ago and that I’ve been polishing and redoing for a while.

You can check it on Vimeo here

Creating a lip sync is a very good exercise to show your animation skills when it comes to acting and making a character talk. It can also be really fun if you get audio that you get excited about. I got excited about this short audio from an Olsen twins movie, maybe too attached. I wanted to animate a little girl and couldn’t find interesting footage so I end up with this.

My friend Alex who gives me feedback on my animations told me this was too long. And he was right. I realised that being too invested in this clip for too long hasn’t benefited me at all.At some point I stop seeing the faults and left it for long time.

Pixar animators say that you shouldn’t get attached to your babies. Meaning that you need to be ready to start over again and again until you get it right. I´ve been reluctant to start this one over as I was afraid I would waste my time by starting again. I was wrong. So what I want to do now is to finish this in the best way possible.

And that’s all for today my little sknowflakes. I want to show you my improvements and share this journey with you.  Have a lovely week!


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